Tarland ChairArt is a community art project based in Tarland.


It began in 2014 and the idea was spread through friends, neighbours and work colleagues. We found old chairs, repaired them and painted them white and gave them away as blank canvasses. We invited people to paint or decorate their chairs, or to make chairs out of other materials. The artists were mostly people with no real previous artistic background but we did have a few professional artists. The idea was that everyone can be a chair artist. We were rewarded by the skill, humour, originality and lateral thinking of all who took part.


The chairs were exhibited at a variety of venues along Deeside and everyone agreed that it was more successful than we had hoped. The project brought neighbours together. It brought out the creativity in people who had not seen themselves as artists and, above all, it was fun.


Each year chairs are auctioned. Funds raised are donated to local charities.


The idea for ChairArt came from a community art project in the Gargfagnana area of Italy where chair art is in its 10th year.

We are fortunate to have the advice and support of artists Gill Russell (www.gillrussell.co.uk ) and Marga Schnell (www.margaschnell.co.uk)

If you would like to take part in the next Tarland ChairArt season just contact us (Contacts page).

Watch the News page for information about the next season and for news of past events.


See the Gallery page for past years' chairs.

“The purpose of [chair] art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

ChairArt in Italy

ChairArt was the idea of artists Martin and Beryl Galloway in the Garfagnana area of northern Tuscany  http://www.chairart.it                                             

Martin and Beryl moved from Edinburgh to live in Italy 20 years ago. They settled in the Garfagnana - the area occupying the valley of the river Serchio lying between the Apenines and the Apuane mountains. This is a land of small towns, hill villages, mountains covered in chestnut forests and small rural communities. One of the major industries is marble quarrying and it was from the same marble seams that Michelangelo took the materials for sculptures such as David. Their idea was to take old chairs and use them as "blank canvasses" in a community art project. Chairs were decorated or altered or made out of other materials. Most of the artists had little or no previous artistic experience and yet their efforts showed wonderful creativity, imagination and wit. The chairs are exhibited in the streets and piazzas, at village festas and in galleries.


The project is in its 10th year and is now a fixture in the cultural life of the Garfagnana.














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